Atangana-Baleanu Fractional Derivative Approach to Study the Flow of Jeffery fluid with Hybrid Nanoparticles

Nadeem Ahmad Sheikh, Dennis Ling Chuan Ching, Ilyas Khan, Muhammad Jamil


In this article, the flow of Jeffrey fluid is considered with hybrid nanoparticles. The flow is modeled in terms of fractional partial differential equations via Atangana-Baleanue fractional derivative approach and then solved for the exact solutions. Specifically, the applications are discussed in the field of concrete and cement industry. The variations in skin friction have been observed for different values of volume fractions of nanoparticles. The results show that by adding ?and nanoparticles the compressive strength of the cement concrete may be enhanced and improve the pore structure of concrete. Moreover, these nanoparticles may improve the quality of the structure of pores, it can improve the mechanical strength of the pores and consequently, will convert the distributed pores to less harmful pores. Applications of this work can be found in construction engineering and management such as buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads, dams, etc. utilities and other projects.



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